Plancha is a special type of griddle that can be used to grill vegetables, fish and meats perfectly. It operates on a very powerful thermal momentum and that means you can cook amazing grilled foods evenly, quickly and safely. Let’s take a look at why Plancha is a great alternative to traditional BBQ:

1. Plancha Ease of Use

The primary advantage of a plancha grill over a traditional BBQ is its ease of use. The former works on high heat levels. The cooking surface takes barely 3 minutes to heat up and be ready for use. When you compare that to BBQing, that’s very quick. Getting the BBQ going can easily take about 30 minutes, which makes the process time-consuming.

2. Cook a variety of foods

The plancha cooking surface gives you the flexibility to cook a variety of foods including fruits and crustaceans. It’s as easy to stir fry small vegetables as it is to sear some prime rib.

In contrast, BBQ grills aren’t suited to all types of foods which limits your culinary possibilities. Foods also tend to dry out when they are cooked on BBQs. In comparison, the plancha grill helps retain the juices in the food.

3. Quick cleaning

The low-maintenance aspect makes the plancha grill an even more attractive option for anyone that likes outdoor cooking. Only the cooking surface comes in contact with the food and that’s the only surface that needs to be cleaned.

On the other hand, a BBQ requires far more maintenance. The grill can be very difficult to clean; in addition you’ve got to spend time cleaning the fire pit and the burners too.

4. Healthy cooking

The plancha grill is gas-fired; cooking on it doesn’t bring the food into direct contact with the flame, which happens when you’re using a BBQ. The food gets seared in the plancha grill’s surface and the grease from all the cooking gets directed into a drip tray.

When you use a traditional gas or coal BBQ, the cooking grease that drips onto the flames gives rise to black smoke that contains unhealthy dioxins. Cooking without adding any grease and without any contact with flames means you are able to rustle up healthier and lighter meals.

5. No smoky atmosphere

When you are with family & friends and sharing the foods you are cooking, you don’t need to worry about any smoke getting created due to the grease dripping into the flames. This helps create a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

6. Precision cooking

The plancha grill is very easy to use and provides excellent temperature control; ranging from very high heat to low heat, you get the precision you need while cooking all your favorite dishes.

You can cook great dishes and be assured they will turn out just the way you want them to.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to opt for a plancha grill over a traditional BBQ. For any more information about our Plancha products, feel free to contact at (450) 424-3693. You can also contact us via this Online Form.