Personalized service, right in your backyard.

Expert, hassle-free delivery and assembling!

Though very much appreciated when we have them, barbecues can be somewhat inconvenient to transport and assemble. wants you to have the best experience possible and can deliver and assemble your barbecue for you.

When you’re buying your barbecue, you can already imagine your first grill. Getting home with a big box can put a damper on your grilling dream for the first day. We assemble barbecues all the time so we can get it done, fast and efficient and this means less frustration and a grill that’s ready to go when you are. No extra mystery parts you worry you forgot to use, no wasted energy.

Our expert team can assemble any barbecue, fireplace or heating system in record time. Plan your menu, sit back and enjoy your day. You’ll be grilling in no time.

Need repair? We’ve got that covered as well. Plus, we also set-up barbecue gas lines where needed.


A broken or malfunctioning barbecue can put a damper on your party. You need fast intervention and a guarantee things will be done right. We take care of our customers and will quickly step in to repair any barbecue purchased at our branch.

Barbecue gas lines

You’re barbecuing and everything’s great, UNTIL your tank empties out. This is never a fun situation, especially if you’re in the middle of grilling that amazing meal. We can help make sure this doesn’t ever happen by setting up a gas line between your main reservoir and your barbecue outside.

We also install outdoor stoves, water heater or any other system powered by gas. takes care of customers long after the purchase has passed. We want you to enjoy our products and are always here to help if anything doesn’t function the way you expect it to. Rely on our expertise and our heartfelt guest-service approach to barbecues.