You are tired of the snow? Good new, it’s time to show off with you grilled food recipes! Time to use the outdoor patio and enjoy the long summer nights with your friends and family. Dust your tongs, spatulas and basting brushes and get ready to grill to favorite dishes to perfection for the best summer ever!

Gas barbecue: Major assets

You can find so many grills that we understand your confusion. To help make a decision, we have listed a few reasons to buy a gas barbecue this summer:

Health, health, health!

Using a gas barbecue is the best way to keep the vitamins of your ingredients.

Fast and effective

Push the button and you are done! It’s not a lie, a gas barbecue becomes hot very quickly thanks to the burners heating the cast-iron or stainless-steel grid (or slab).

The heat goes directly into the food.  You can start grilling almost right away! Your friends want to surprise you, but you have nothing on the stove? Don’t worry, you are ready for anything with your lightning fast barbecue.

Easy to use

With the gas, you can adjust the temperature depending on what you are cooking. Meat, fish, vegetables, the possibilities are endless! You only have to adjust the cooking mode. Because the barbecue is attached to a propane tank, you can put it wherever you like. Summer food is on the way, meat, vegetables, fish, pizza, S’mores and more.

Maintenance as never been easier

Easy to clean, you don’t have to clean your gas barbecue after each use. As soon as you are done cooking, just turn off the propane tank and leave your barbecue open for a few minutes.

That way, you let the propane out of the pipes and you can clean it afterwards. From time to time, it’s good to empty the grease tank et brush the grid with a hard brush or a wood grill scraper to remove the sediments. You can now store your BBQ!

What about the environment

This is the best option. Compared to a charcoal barbecue, this one has twice as less CO2 emission for an hour of cooking. Fine particles, just like soot, can produce charcoal combustion and be dangerous for hearts and lungs problems, plus it stains the surface on which they lend.

And because not everything is greener on the other side of the fence, you must know that gas barbecues are wasting non-renewable energies. That’s why you should always close the propane tank as soon as you are done cooking. Finally, to reduce your ecological footprint, switch from chemicals to soy and orange-based products. Everything is important!

To find a barbecue powerful and simple, you must ask an expert. Our team at has all the barbecues you can find and will help you make a decision taking into account your needs and budget. Take out your ribs, fishes and steak and get ready to enjoy a meal like never before!