When you are always traveling, what’s better than cooking your grilled food anywhere, anytime? Luckily for you, portable BBQ are especially made for you to enjoy delicious food wherever you want.

The benefits of a portable BBQ

Picnic, camping, countryside vacation, do you really need an excuse to buy a portable BBQ? Easy to carry, it will become your new BFF for your getaways.

They come in different sizes and shapes, charcoal or gas, you can take them anywhere. It’s small enough to be transported, but big enough to grill your favorite food in no time.

You don’t even have to buy a second one for your house, you just need to have the appropriate tools. A trolley would be perfect to easily install your portable BBQ in the patio, if you decide to stay home for a few days.

How to choose?

Even though we do recommend you ask an expert at BBQaugaz.com in order to help you choose, here’s a short list to consider before buying your new cooking-BBF:

  • The ignition system is fragile and often brakes, even after a few month of use. You must check the protective box and the seals. With perfect quality, you will avoid oxidization and accumulation of dirt. That’s where an electronic ignitor kit or rotary will be handier than push buttons.
  • We advise you to choose thick burners that last longer and a have a better capacity to absorb the heat. When expose to the heat, a thinner burner will more likely bend and ditch you by the end of the season.
  • The BTU (British Thermal Unit per hour) is the power of your BBQ. Between us, BTU is use as a commercial technique rather than real criteria of selection. Actually, if the BBQ is well constructed and sealed, it will achieve the correct temperature even with less BTU. And it will use the gas.
  • What grid to choose? First of all, steel grid or cast iron covered in china won’t last long, because they are less tolerant to the variations of heat. You can have a nice print on your food with a cast iron grid. This type of grid becomes more and more hot, whereas those made of steel don’t go higher than the temperature of your BBQ. As for the maintenance, you have to clean regularly as cast-iron grid to avoid rust or dryness. On the contrary, grids made of stainless steel can be cleaned while still warm, so you can do it after each use. Finally, the heavier the better.
  • You want to check the quality of the material of your barbecue? You can try the magnet test. Put a magnet on the protection or the tank, if it sticks, you will know that the metal used is a mix of metals favorable to oxidization, so rust. If the magnet doesn’t stick to it, you will know that it was built with pure stainless steel. You must know that you can find a certain type of magnetic stainless style, but the quality is excellent, it’s number 443.

To sum it up, weather you buy Jackson Grill, Napoleon or Boil King, our experts at BBQaugas.com will show you the best quality we have for your getaways. You will impress everyone with your cooking skill thanks to your new barbecue!