Plancha: a griddle that makes everything taste great

The Plancha griddle allows you to grill meat, fish and vegetables perfectly, every single time. With powerful thermal momentum, this means you’ll be cooking great food, safely, quickly and evenly, reinforcing your BBQ pro status, all summer long. Maybe even in winter, if you love it that much!

An fun alternative to the traditional BBQ, the smoke and fire-free Plancha allows you to cook everything evenly, while enhancing the flavours of your food. Imagine the juiciest, tastiest steak, served with a side of fresh, sweet savory veggies. Tempting? We like to think so!

Are you a foodie that loves to experiment, and offer new and exciting dishes to your people? Perhaps you simply like to eat really good food. Free your culinary imagination, and grill, tasty, creative combinations you couldn’t have imagined on a regular BBQ. Made from stainless steel and super easy to clean, this portable BBQ can be set-up on a hard surface, built-in to furniture or independently propped on its own specially-designed stand.
The quality and speed offered by the Plancha system will seduce the most traditional BBQ chef. Vamp up your summer with a new cooking system that will impress both fickle foodies and easy-going outdoor BBQ lovers.

La Plancha d'Eno