Summer is just around the corner and many are eager to take advantage of the warmer weather, sunshine, and pleasant environment by hosting get-togethers or BBQ parties.

To host a successful BBQ party, you need good-quality equipment. Malfunctioning or old BBQs can ruin the taste of your food and your party as well.

At, we have a good collection of BBQ equipment that can help make your party a big success. One of the most popular items in our store is the charcoal BBQ.

Many customers are torn between charcoal and gas models. Both have their advantages and disadvantages so here’s a brief guideline that can help you choose:


Cost is the biggest factor when it comes to buying BBQs. There’s a significant difference in price between the two types of grills. A charcoal BBQ is more affordable, especially if you choose a simplistic design. These can fall in the $50 to $500 dollar range so you can find something great at an affordable cost.

Gas grills are more expensive, which is why they’re recommended for people who intend to use BBQs regularly. They can cost anywhere between $150 and $5,000 depending on what kind of system you choose. If you’re in the market for an affordable BBQ, there are gas options available but good-quality charcoal ones are a better idea.

2. Flavor

One of main reasons why many prefer charcoal BBQs over gas ones is flavor. Everyone’s taste preferences differ so some people might want charcoal because of its smoky flavor while others might like gas BBQ’s cleaner taste. Industry experts believe charcoal grills provide a much more authentic taste because of the combination of smoke and melted fats from the meat.

Food made on gas BBQs can also be very flavorful. Many can’t even tell the difference between the two options. If you don’t have a particular preference for that smoky BBQ flavor, gas grilles might be a good option.

3.Temperature Capabilities

Cooks and BBQ enthusiasts want to recreate the flavor and char of well-established steakhouses in their home. To keep up with this demand, manufacturers create grilles capable of producing high levels of heat.

A charcoal BBQ can go above 500°, which means it’s able to cook faster and ensure meat develops a slight char easily.

Gas BBQs usually don’t exceed the heat output of 500°, especially those designed for home use. But some specialist gas options can reach 900°. If you want more heat at a lower cost, charcoal might be the best option for you.

4. Convenience

Most people believe charcoal grills are difficult to light but that’s not true. If you use the right technique, it can be lit within seconds and heat up to the required temperature in 30 minutes.

If the grille has a chimney, it will attain ideal temperature in 15 minutes so charcoal is rather convenient to use. However, it is more difficult to maintain and manage heat in these appliances as gas grilles offer more flexibility.

Gas is very easy to use and will light instantly. It will also read ideal temperatures in about 10 minutes, which can be convenient if you’re in a hurry and want to cook quickly. Most people find gas units easier to use than charcoal in the beginning.

A charcoal BBQ is a little difficult to maintain compared to gas options because of the lingering soot, ash deposits, and grease. If you want a fuss-free appliance, gas might be a better option.

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