Smoking meat and vegetables is a great way to enhance their flavor. There’s no other taste quite like it because ordinary cooking or baking don’t give your food the same texture or aroma.

However, it is important to find a good-quality smoker to get the best results. Some cook unevenly and can even burn food if you’re not careful. Here are some tips on how to purchase a great smoker for your home:

Smokers: Determine the Style

There are two styles of smokers available in the market; vertical and horizontal. Both options have their pros and cons, which is why it’s important to understand the purpose of each before trying to buy one. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Vertical – Many prefer this option because of its smaller footprint. It takes up less space thanks to the tall lid design. The narrow shape also makes it easier to maintain reasonable temperatures and ensure even smoking. The heat goes through a food item, thoroughly cooking it without taking much time.

Unfortunately, this small, narrow design doesn’t allow you to smoke large quantities at the same time. This are ideal for home use and for small gatherings.

They’re also very affordable so if you’re looking for a cheap but efficient smoker, this vertical one is a good choice.

Horizontal – Horizontal ones are large, heavy, and difficult to move around but they’re great for smoking large amounts of meat or vegetables. People who host large get-togethers, run restaurants or food trucks, or regularly participate in conventions will need horizontal smokers.

They have off-set smoke boxes, which means you can keep a fire running for days and use them continuously. This makes a horizontal smoker a great choice for commercial establishments.

Both types of units get the job done and will efficiently smoke food of all kinds. We recommend vertical for residential use and horizontal for large-scale or commercial use. Ultimately, the decision depends on how often you will use the smoker and what your budget is.

Types of Fuel Used

These appliances run on different kinds of fuel, which has an impact on taste, method of smoking, time taken etc. Here’s a brief look at different kinds of fuel options:

Wood or Charcoal – Wood or charcoal are the oldest fuel sources for smokers and many argue they provide the most authentic flavor. In fact, some experts consider wood/charcoal units to be the only real smokers available today.

These can be used anywhere, don’t need any additional fuel, and are easy to clean. You will need some time to understand how to work it and get the perfect amount of smoke as there is a learning curve. They’re also completely manual so you will have to monitor the food, and turn the meat to ensure it gets grilled perfectly.

Gas – These smokers are convenient to use and don’t require much effort. You can set them and focus on something else as your food cooks. They are often used in professional kitchens because these units are easy to light and control. Unfortunately, gas units can deposit soot on food, add a perfume-like aroma, and cause pollution as well.

Other options are electric and pellet smokers. Electric ones are the easiest to use and control because there’s no open flame. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage based on what kind of flavors you want.

Pellet smokers are really efficient and easy to use, which is why they’re found in big restaurants. But they tend to be more expensive than the other varieties.

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